About Us


Encounter Centre Inc. is a community based charity reliant on volunteers to help run a variety of activities, in particular programs to provide activities for those living with Disability.

Vision Statement

To engage in a wide variety of enterprises/crafts/Community based activities, to provide positive outcomes, Training, preventable ill health strategies and Quality of Life for a healthier and more connected Community.


The objectives of the Association (having been established for the community for the Southern Fleurieu) are:

  • To engage in activities related to providing therapeutic activity and occupation, giving purposeful motivation to people with physical, intellectual and/or psychiatric disability, and/to other people, in an activity centre with both indoor and outdoor projects.

  • To provide constructive activities for the senior members of the community. To carry out such income producing and promotional activities as shall provide financial and other assistance for the fulfilment of the within mentioned objectives.

  • To do anything conducive to achieving these objectives.